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Sternum Support Vest

Enhancing The Healing Process After Open Heart Surgery and Preventing Life-Threatening Complications


  • Results proven by 12 clinical trials including more than 12,000 patients.

  • Successfully applied in leading heart centers worldwide.

     Innovative           Clinically Proven           Award Winning

Rapid Patient Mobilization

24/7 sternum stability relieves stress, provides saftey and inspires patient confidence for rapid mobilization.

Improving Quality of Life
Avoiding Readmissions
Managing Pain

The vest provides ideal external conditions to safeguard the bone healing process. Greatly reducing the risk of infection, breaking of sternal wires or clicking sternum.

Built-in mechanisms redistribute the forces created by coughing and sudden motions without restricting proper breathing

Saving Lives With SMART Sternum Stabilization


Why Worry?

Open heart surgery carries with it some post-op risks such as infections and lung complications. The Posthorax sternum support vest has clinical evidence that it can help prevent these issues.


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