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We all know a cast is given to someone who breaks their arm, you need to immobilize the bone to allow for proper healing. The Posthorax vest acts as a "smart cast" for the sternum bone, allowing for unrestricted breathing while providing real proven stabilization.


Have a look below at our study that shows the Posthorax vest prevents pressure from moving, coughing and deep breathing. Effectively protecting the sternum fracture!

1. We created a model of the thorax to be used for our tests.
thorax model.png
2. We placed pressure sensors around our model as well as 27 volunteers.
Sensor placement.png
3. We tested a common flexible bandage used to see how much counter-pressure was created. 
flexible bandage.png
flexible bandage results.png
5. We tested the Posthorax vest and up to 4x counter pressure was found. Significantly more stabilization for the sternum fracture!
posthorax results.png
Only the patented design of the Posthorax Sternum Support vest stabilizes the sternum with atero-posterior fixation  (front to back).
Sternum forces.png
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